Adizes Online with address at, is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

We are a company that developed a technological platform, that is in web version, that interacts as an online asynchronous content platform for the Adizes Institute methodology. This service is provided directly to enterprises, as well as users. Adizes Online, collects information from the workforce of the companies that are clients (B2B) as well as users (B2C) for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice. The information is protected according to international, federal, and local laws.


Adizes Online from now on will be referred to as the Company, for practical purposes.

As mentioned above, this service is provided directly to enterprises, as well as users. To provide the services to the clients by the Company, certain personal data of the users is required, which may be collected by the users upon registration or given to the Company by the enterprise hiring its services. 


B2C: User

B2B: Enterprise 



This notice applies to any User, no matter their location, and everyone who uses the services of the Company through any of its technological platforms. This notice applies whether you exchange information with any of the Company's communities, by any means of interaction such as social network accounts, email, instant messaging, private chat, by phone, personally or by being part of an Enterprise to which the Company provides a service.


The information requested depends on the specific user/ enterprise in question, therefore, the information requested from each user may vary, some information that could be collected is listed below: 

  • Name and last name
  • Email
  • Company that user works for
  • Companies email
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Job title
  • Specific area of a company where the user works
  • Mobile phone 
  • Profile picture
  • Payment information

How the Company could collect information from its users:

Indirectly: The Company may be provided with information from the enterprise. This information provided only encompasses the criteria from the list above. 

2. Directly: Upon registration in any of our platforms, filling out an information form is required. The information required only encompasses the criteria from the list above. 


All the information that is requested from the users through our platforms will be used for the following.

Statistical analysis:

  • Generate information that helps the enterprise measure their workforce progress. 
  • Analyzing the total number of courses consumed through different criteria's (hours, users, areas in the company, investment, etc.)
  • Most consumed course.
  • Activity regarding number of users active in the web platform.
  • In general, the objective is to help the users of enterprise improve their daily and professional lives, and help enterprises to be more efficient and effective in the short and long term with the Adizes Online methodology. 

The information collected by user will only be available to workforce from the Company and for the enterprise. The Company will not share information from one enterprise with another. Furthermore, the enterprise in question will only allow a few people deemed "Administrators" to have access to the company's Control Panel where the information can be found.

The information is collected to fulfill any of the following: 

  • Facilitate and improve the users experience in the navigation of the web platforms or the Company's website.
  • Password recovery, profile information update, and maintenance of security and privacy measures necessary to prevent misuse of any of the platforms or administrative system.
  • Develop and incorporate new functions to the web application or website based on the preferences of the users.
  • Generate reports and statistics on the use of the platforms by users to improve the Company's services.
  • Send the users messages that we consider of interest, including information on new products, services, promotions, news and events of the Company's or any other third party that has an agreement with the Company.
  • Recommend the Company, any of its platforms, or the website to any person who is a friend or contact of the users.
  • Send emails monthly to inform users of the new implementations on the platforms.
  • Send surveys NPS (Net Promoter Score) to know the satisfaction of the users based on the products or services provided by the Company.

The information collected from users through the services provided by the Company, may be used to promote the company's platforms in any of the social networks that the Company deems appropriate. Some of the information that can be promoted is the following: testimonials from users, statistics from the courses consumed, etc.

Data collected through marketing campaigns

The data collected through marketing campaigns is used in the following ways:

Marketing campaigns that might be suited for users such as invitations to webinars and events, content marketing campaigns, campaigns related to our platforms and blogs.

In case you do not agree that your information and personal data are used for these purposes, please let us know through and we will immediately stop using such personal information for any of the purposes established previously.


User data collected such as registration information, data stored by the courses consumed is stored for as long as the user is registered in any of our platforms. 

Personal data collected through marketing campaigns and website forms (such as contact forms on our websites) is stored until the user decides that they don't want to receive updates from us anymore. We use email marketing to communicate with these contacts and there is an "Unsubscribe" option available in each email.


Our learning platforms include the following security mechanisms to protect its users and their information: passwords, authenticated resource access, secure messaging, communications monitoring, secure storage, secure servers. All communications are over HTTPS, all personal passwords are encrypted with individual SALT values, we use a rate limiter to prevent brute force attacks in our system, our cloud infrastructure is hosted in their own VPC (virtual private cloud), and all remote access is protected using public/private keys.

We conduct regular security audits and run daily security tools on our platforms to automatically detect and report security issues. You can easily prevent selected users from logging in, revoke their access rights, or delete them entirely if necessary. You can configure your portal security policies to specify which operations can be performed by specific account types.


The data collected by the Company may be transferred to:

  • Service providers, with the sole and exclusive purpose of assisting in the fulfilment of their legal obligation with the owner of the data.
  • Administrative, judicial or governmental authorities in any country, if it is established by judicial or administrative mandate or so provided by law.
  • Third parties hired by the Company, such as lawyers, auditors, accountants or systems managers that require the processing of user information.

All third parties referred to in the previous list acquire the same obligations and responsibilities as the Company regarding the safeguarding of personal data issued by the owner. The information transferred will be carried out according to the purpose established in this Privacy Notice.


The Company, through any of its platforms, may implement the use of cookies, web beacons or other similar technologies, which allow it to collect personal data automatically and simultaneously while the user contacts the website or any of the platforms. At the time of the first contact, it will inform the User, through a visible communication, about the existence of said technologies and their characteristics, as well as the mechanisms to disable them if possible.


This Privacy Notice may be changed, amended or modified at any time by the Company, to meet legislative, internal policy developments, as well as new requirements necessary for the provision of its services. In the event of changes, amendments or modifications, the Company may make the users know through advertisements, communications or notices published on any of its platforms, or through the website or directed personally to its users through the emails provided. The user's entry to the Company's website or any of the platforms after the date of the publication of the modifications to this Notice will be understood as granting their consent to them.


In terms of the provisions of the Law and its Regulations, and without any error, bad faith or intent, the User expresses their agreement with this Privacy Notice and their consent for their personal data to be treated in accordance with what is stated in the same.

The holder (user) of the personal data may, by himself or through his legal representative, exercise at any time the right to revoke his consent to the processing of his data, for which they must direct a request to the following email: 

The request must contain the following information:

  • Name of the data holder (user).
  • Documents proving the data of the user or his representative.
  • Address, mobile phone, email to receive communications.
  • Clear description of the data for which the right to revoke consent is sought.
  • Object/Reason of the request.
  • Any means that facilitates the location of the referred data.

The Company undertakes to issue a response to the applicant within a period not exceeding 15 business days from the date of receipt of the request, which could be extended for an equal period if the circumstances so require.

This Privacy Notice will not apply to all those entities or third parties that the Company does not have control over them. Therefore, the Company is not responsible for the information practices of any of these or other third party sites; advertising or links that may appear on the website or any of the platforms.