Synerscope: The Action Plan

The Corporate Mission Building Process

You will learn the most important notions to create a mission for your Organization. What elements need to be clarified and how to align everyone towards the same goal.


  • Mission
  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Change
  • Adizes
  • Methodology
  • Synerscope
Total course time:
2 Hrs
Álvaro Nuñez
About the speaker:

Alvaro Nuñez is the Managing Partner of Adizes' Guadalajara office. Prior to his work with Adizes, he developed a unique perspective on how to deal with accelerated change and organizational behavior as the founder of four companies in the construction, marketing, consulting and software development industries. It was through these companies that he became familiar with the Adizes Methodology.

He developed a particular interest in organizational transformation and subsequently became certified in Adizes Phases I, II and III. As his companies flourished, Alvaro successfully transferred leadership of them, while remaining a permanent Board member in all four entities. Today, in addition to his work transforming organizations for exceptional performance, he is often invited to speak at conferences in North America.

He has also served as an adjunct professor at the ITESM Guadalajara Graduate School, teaching Adizes Management Theory, Organizational Transformation and other management modules. Alvaro earned his Bachelor of International Business, Bachelor of Science degree from Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara in 2007. He currently resides in Guadalajara, Mexico with his family.

What you will learn:

Welcome to Adizes Online

Adizes Online Objective

Course Guide

Working Document

Module 1 Why is it important to define a Mission?

1.1 Common mistakes when defining a mission

1.2 How to reach our destination

1.3 Vector theory

1.4 Planning the horizon

1.5 Mission Essentials

Module 2: The Map

2.1 The reason for your existence

2.2 Analysis of the environment

2.3 Change seen as an Opor-threat

Module 3: The backbone: the customers

3.1 Criteria for customer segmentation

3.2 Growth strategies

3.3 Efficiency Strategies

3.4 Conclusion of the commercial strategy

Module 4: Organizational Capabilities

4.1 Our organizational capabilities

Module 5: Environment analysis

5.1 Segment 1: Political-Legal

5.2 Segment 2: Economic-Financial

5.3 Segment 3: Socio-Cultural

5.4 Segment 4: Physical-Environmental

5.5 Segment 5: Technological

5.6 Conclusions of the environmental analysis

Module 6: Values

6.1 Values in the Organization

Module 7: Conclusions and closing

7.1 The Mission on a sheet

7.2 Conclusion of the environment

7.3 How to turn the Mission into reality

Working Guide for Synerscope: The Action Plan

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"The Adizes Methodology has been a major contributor to managing the accelerated growth in our success. In the ten years that we have worked with and engaged the services of the Adizes Institute, we have increased our valuation from $261 million in 1992 to $3.5 billion in 2002, making us one of the largest corporations on the continent".
Ricardo Salinas
"Extremely interesting, useful and up to date. It is always very rewarding and enriching to hear and read consultants of the level and wisdom of Dr. Ichak Adizes, thank you very much for the opportunity and encourage this kind of tools and materials, I am constantly grateful to receive articles of interest and current issues of the Institute."
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Gregory Magennis
"The real life examples were easy to understand and relate very well to the concepts. The course is very detailed and comprehensive. It is very helpful to anyone who is".
Sunitha G.
"I can say that Dr. Adizes is one of the best modern methodologists in the field of management. Every modern manager or employeeshould be an attendee".
Natalia Sinkova
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