About Change and Lifecycles

A six-hour master class at Best Business Ideas (BBI) Club in Moscow

This is a recording of a conference live made by Dr Adizes. In this lecture Dr Adizes explains each stage of companies in the lifecycle.


  • Change, decisions and implementation
  • Problems and opportunities
  • Predict future problems
  • Corporate lifecycles
  • Lead companies and keep companies at prime
Total course time:
3 Hrs
Dr Ichak Kalderon Adizes
About the speaker:
  • Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Adizes Institute.
  • Leading expert on management and organisational change.
  • Author of more than 27 books in 33 languages.
  • He has taught management at UCLA, Stanford and Columbia.
  • He has received 21 honorary doctorates from universities in 13 countries.
What you will learn:

Best Business Ideas Conference at Moscow

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1. Adizes Methodology For Exceptional Results With Collaborative Leadership

1.1 Lecture (You may PREVIEW this lecture before buying!)

1.2 Task: Read "Life is Change".

2. Change, Decisions, Implementation

2.1 Lecture: Change, Decisions, Implementation

2.2 Discussion: Decision vs Implementation

3. Problems/Opportunities

3.1 Lecture: Problems/Opportunities

3.2 Task: Read "Turning Crisis into Opportunity".

4. Embrace Change

4.1 Lecture: Embrace Change

4.2 Discussion: Planning

5. Predict Future Problems

5.1 Lecture: Predict Future Problems

5.2 Task: Read "Self-Fulfilling Prophecies".

6. paEi Courtship

6.1 Lecture: paEi Courtship

6.2 (Optional) Task: Find out your stage in the Lifecycle

7. Paei Infancy

7.1 Lecture: Paei infancy

7.2 Task: Read "Donald Trump, The Gracchi brothers..."

8. PaEi Go-Go

8.1 Lecture: PaEi Go-Go

8.2 Discussion: Companies in Go-Go

9. pAEi Adolescence

9.1 Lecture: pAEi Adolescence

9.2 Discussion: Companies in Adolescence

10. PAEI Prime

10.1 Lecture: PAEI Prime

10.2 Task: Read "A Company in Prime".

11. Stable Stage of the Lifecycle

11.1 Lecture: Stable Stage of a Lifecycle

11.2 Quiz

12. Aristocracy

12.1 Lecture: Aristocracy

12.2 Discussion: Aristocracy, Bureaucracy, Corruption

13. Keep The Company In Prime

13.1 Lecture: Keep the Company in Prime

13.2 Task: Read "The Board of Directors..."

14. Lead The Company To Prime

14.1 Lecture: Lead the Company to Prime

14.2 Final Discussion: What is the Purpose of a System?

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"The Adizes Methodology has been a major contributor to managing the accelerated growth in our success. In the ten years that we have worked with and engaged the services of the Adizes Institute, we have increased our valuation from $261 million in 1992 to $3.5 billion in 2002, making us one of the largest corporations on the continent".
Ricardo Salinas
"Extremely interesting, useful and up to date. It is always very rewarding and enriching to hear and read consultants of the level and wisdom of Dr. Ichak Adizes, thank you very much for the opportunity and encourage this kind of tools and materials, I am constantly grateful to receive articles of interest and current issues of the Institute."
Marco Leon
"His style of delivery and ability to convey a message is incredible. His conversational, open style, using real life examples makes the learning come to life. The opportunity to learn with and from Dr. Adizes is nothing short of a privilege. He is a Master of Organizational Transformation, if not "The Master".
Gregory Magennis
"The real life examples were easy to understand and relate very well to the concepts. The course is very detailed and comprehensive. It is very helpful to anyone who is".
Sunitha G.
"I can say that Dr. Adizes is one of the best modern methodologists in the field of management. Every modern manager or employeeshould be an attendee".
Natalia Sinkova
Material included in the course:
Discussion Forum
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